At Accelsius, we are passionate about exceeding customer needs and wants. We prioritize thorough research and understanding before bringing our offerings to market. Our journey to the Accelsius business model began with a deep dive into the practical implementation of liquid cooling in the data center, recognizing the importance of aligning our solutions with customer preferences.

To achieve this goal, we turned to a leading consulting firm, The Gannet Group, known for its expertise in market analysis and IT decision-making factors. Through an extensive research initiative, The Gannet Group pulled on conversations from hundreds of data center and IT buyers to identify the key factors that influence customers when selecting a data center liquid cooling vendor.

The findings of the study revealed eight crucial factors, ranked in order of importance:

Product Reliability
Above all else, customers prioritize the reliability of the cooling solutions they invest in. In the mission-critical environment of data centers, any downtime can have severe consequences. Hence, reliability emerged as the paramount concern.

Ease of Doing Business
Streamlined processes and consultative relationships are highly valued by customers. From procurement to installation and ongoing support, ease of doing business can significantly impact the overall experience and satisfaction levels.

Company Trust
Building trust is essential in any business relationship. Customers seek vendors they can rely on not only for quality products but also for integrity, transparency, and accountability in their operations.

Thermal Performance
Optimal heat-removal is a key decision factor. With chips moving towards the 750-watt and even higher range, customers are looking for technologies to give them headroom to address future generations of CPUs and GPUs while also ensuring optimal performance with no throttling risk.

Reduced Energy & Water Usage
In an era where sustainability is a top priority, customers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their operations. Cooling solutions that offer energy and water efficiency are viewed favorably, aligning with sustainability goals and cost savings initiatives.

Beyond the products themselves, customers value comprehensive service offerings, including maintenance, technical support, and consultancy. A vendor’s ability to provide tailored solutions and responsive assistance adds significant value.

As data center requirements evolve and grow, scalability becomes a crucial consideration. Liquid cooling deployments often start with a one to five racks, but can be required to support entire data centers in the future. Customers seek solutions that can adapt to changing needs and meet large volume order requirements.

While cost remains a consideration, it’s evident from the study that customers prioritize value over price alone. A solution that offers the right balance of features, reliability, and support at a competitive price point is perceived as an attractive investment.

These insights became the cornerstone of our business model, shaping every aspect of our offerings. We are committed to enhancing product reliability, streamlining processes, fostering trust, and optimizing performance—all while aligning with sustainability goals.

Through strategic partnerships, ongoing innovation, and a customer-centric approach, Accelsius remains at the forefront of the data center liquid cooling industry, empowering businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital world.